Residential Window Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Paneless Window Cleaning & Floor Care takes pride in going the extra mile, providing a broad range of cleaning services with a smile! We come equipped to clean every surface in your home or business, leaving behind spotless results that look and feel fresh.

Window Cleaning

We wash exterior window surfaces for buildings up to three stories tall and deliver glass cleaning services for interior panes wherever you may require it. Let us leave your windows looking sparkling clean—so clean, you might not even realize there’s glass in front of you!

Tile and grout cleaning

Save your elbow grease and let us toil over your tile and grout. We’ll get rid of nasty grout discoloration, organic buildups and tile scuffs, leaving behind flooring, backlashes or showers that are immaculate and well-preserved.

Floor stripping, waxing and sealing

For commercial customers with heavy traffic in their facilities, we offer floor waxing and sealing in Phoenix, AZ. Stripping, waxing and sealing your floors is a great way to preserve the integrity of the material while eliminating scuffs, scratches, marks and stains.

Carpet shampooing

Carpets naturally accumulate debris and stains over time, even if you’re diligent in vacuuming them. Give us a call for shampooing and professional carpet cleaning in Phoenix, AZ to tackle the major detractors. We clean right down to the pad, removing buildups of dirt, bacteria, microbes and unwanted materials.

Construction cleanup

If you’re remodeling your facilities or having work done on your home, you know that dust and debris can go everywhere! When the work is done, give us a call to sweep through your home or business for a final touch-up. We’ll dust, vacuum and clean everything, restoring the shine to your facilities.


Trying to dust cathedral ceilings in your home or high office ceilings at work is a no-go. Leave it to us! We have the equipment to get up high, to clean out cobwebs and dust and leave behind a fresh, clean surface. While we’re up there, we’ll even replace burnt-out lightbulbs for you.

Power Washing

Sometimes that patio, or even your patio furniture, needs more than soap and a sponge. For those days, Paneless has you covered, with professional power washing services to get out all those engrained dirts and dusts. Let our crew do their best to make your patio look brand new again.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

A dirty dryer vent costs an additional $18-$24 /month in electricity and becomes a life-threatening fire hazard.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Fire Administration, to keep you and your family safe, dryer vents should be cleaned at least once per year.

Don’t forget to ask us about bundling services! We know that not every customer has the same cleaning needs. We’ll work with you to make sure your home or business gets only what it needs, at a price that’s fair and honest.

See our stellar cleaning in-person today and schedule an appointment with Paneless Window Cleaning & Floor Care. Call us at 602-993-4411 for more information.