Why Does My Water Taste Like This?

May 17, 2019

Water is quite literally the essence of life. Without enough of it, our bodies don’t function as they should, which can sadly lead to a variety of serious health problems. We know that drinking water throughout the day is crucial, but what if that water tastes or smells funny?

It’s tough to get past the fact that you’re drinking something that tastes or smells gross, even if you know that it’s important for your health. This post will cover the meaning behind those bad tastes and how you can get rid of them with commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH!

Common water taste complaints

Though your water can taste (and smell) like any number of things, the points below are a few of the most common bad tastes and their sources.

  • Rotten egg: Water absorbs hydrogen sulfide when it passes through the ground. When you turn on the faucet, that hydrogen sulfide can get in the air, releasing a nasty rotten egg smell that you can taste in the water. Though the hydrogen sulfide can’t hurt you, nobody wants to drink a glass of water that tastes like a rotten egg. Luckily, this problem is easily treatable with the help of our professionals at Ultra Pure Water Technologies.
  • Metallic: Metals like iron, copper and even lead aren’t all that uncommon in our tap water, and they all can lend a slightly metallic taste and smell to the water that you drink. Low levels of iron and copper aren’t considered dangerous to your health, although the metals can become a problem for plumbing systems down the road. Lead, on the other hand, is a serious concern for your body and your plumbing. If your water has a metallic taste and it seems to be getting worse, we recommend having your water tested to ensure that there aren’t dangerous amounts of lead in it.
  • Chlorine: We started adding chlorine to our water in the 1850s to eliminate bacteria and diseases found in public water. Chlorine has undoubtedly saved hundreds of thousands of lives by killing off deadly bacteria, which is why it’s still used today. Though it’s essential to add to the water at the treatment plant, you don’t want your water tasting or smelling like chlorine when you go get a drink at work.

What should I do?

Apart from strictly buying bottled water (which gets expensive and is bad for the environment), the best way you can avoid foul-tasting water is to install a water purification system or commercial water filter. These systems will clean the water in your building, ensuring that all that you’re left with is clean and pure H2O. Whether your water tastes metallic, like a rotten egg or like chlorine, a commercial water purification system will set it straight.

If your tired of your funky-tasting and smelling water, be sure to get in contact with Ultra Pure Water Technologies! We’re the industry leaders when it comes to commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding area.

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