How Does a Commercial RO Water System in Cincinnati, OH Work?

June 1, 2017

Developments in water purification have made it possible for water to be made clean, clear and safe for drinking, cooking, bathing and even use in medical facilities. There are many different types of filtration systems and water purification processes that are employed to ensure optimum water hygiene and clarity, including the use of reverse osmosis (RO) systems. A commercial RO water system in Cincinnati, OH can improve water quality and remove potentially harmful contaminants.

How reverse osmosis systems work

Reverse osmosis systems have a pump and motor which are responsible for creating the pressure necessary to reverse the natural osmosis process. RO housings, which hold special membranes, create flow paths or streams for concentrate to pass through. When pressurized water passes through the membranes, it leaves behind contaminants and debris in the form of a concentrate that is left in a waste stream. This stream, in addition to capturing contaminants, also provides a consistent flow across the surface of the RO membranes that reduces the chance of contaminated buildup. RO systems are also equipped with standard conductivity probes, which measure impurities and nutrients in the water.

Benefits of RO water filtration

Utilizing reverse osmosis systems for your water can have a variety of benefits for businesses, medical facilities and even industrial operations. Those benefits include:

  • Reduction of contaminants: Contaminated water can have many negative affects when it comes to health and hygiene. Water that undergoes the RO process has less of the harmful substances such as heavy metals and microscopic organisms that can pose risks to health and also negatively affect the operation of pipes and other water fixtures.
  • Improved water taste: Purified water is naturally better tasting than water with notable amounts of contaminants. Reverse osmosis can improve the taste of your water and can even help reduce the amount of sodium that is in your water as a result of water softeners, which replace hard minerals with sodium molecules.
  • Lower cost: If you are unhappy with the quality of your water, it is likely that you are purchasing filtered or bottled water in order to avoid any potentially harmful components. By investing in a commercial RO water system in Cincinnati, OH, you can stop paying for purified water and begin enjoying all of the benefits of water filtration and contaminant removal.

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