Why Should I Be Using Deionization?

May 17, 2018

Regardless of the industry you work in, using deionization in your production processes can improve the output of your final product and ensure that your operations are as safe as possible. If you’re looking for a way to improve efficiencies at your industrial facility and improve the quality of water you use in your production processes, you should consider investing in deionization equipment.

Industrial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH are an essential part of any manufacturing or production process. Without proper industrial water filtration, you may find yourself with subpar products, an untenable production process or even prematurely retired equipment.

Deionized water: Perfect purity

Natural water, when it is drawn from a lake, river, spring or ground well, always has a number of imperfections and impurities dissolved into it. Most untreated water has microbes, minerals, metals and salts. When water is treated in a municipal treatment center, it’s usually filtered before microbes and viruses are removed using a chemical process, typically involving chlorine. In most cities, fluoride is also added.

While municipally treated water is ideal for household use and even some commercial applications, it’s almost never acceptable to use in industrial processes. That’s because municipally treated water still has minerals, salts and metals dissolved into it. These trace contaminants, while harmless or even helpful to the human body, can adversely affect your manufacturing or production processes. Water with a higher than average salt or iron content, for instance, may cause your machinery to prematurely degrade and rust.

Water deionizers remove all ionized salts and minerals from water. Deionizers work by using an ion exchange resin to remove all total dissolved solids from the source water. This leaves you with water that is as pure as possible.

Deionized water is important in a number of applications. Biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and nuclear power generators all require the use of deionized water.

Deionization is also a cost-effective way to strip trace minerals from your water. Compared with other purification methods, deionization is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you’re working with the purest water possible.

Water that’s been deionized is also resistive to electricity, meaning that your factory operations are safer and less likely to end in disaster. Contrary to popular belief, water in its purest form is not an effective conductor. It’s the dissolved solids in water that make it an electrocution hazard.

Since 1999, Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC has been among the most trusted providers of industrial water treatment systems in Cincinnati, OH. We offer high-quality water treatment equipment for companies of all sizes across a wide array of industries. If you’re looking for a great way to maximize your company’s efficiency, improve the quality of your products and prolong the life of your equipment, consider investing in deionization equipment.

We have water treatment and filtration equipment suitable for every company’s unique needs. Contact one of our friendly and professional representatives today to learn more about ways that we can help your company keep its water clean!

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