Purified Water Versus Bottled Water During Hotel Stays

July 25, 2018

For some years now, the hospitality industry has relied heavily on the use of bottled water, as people traveling from various locations around the country and the world have been hesitant to drink hotel tap water. This is despite the fact that the vast majority of places around the country have tap water that is perfectly safe to drink—it’s more of a preference on the part of the travelers to avoid water that “tastes differently” than their tap water back home. Bottled water has a consistent taste to it that will not be found offensive by anyone who drinks it.

Travelers also often have preconceived notions about hotel rooms, and believe many of the amenities they’re using are dirty, which could include the water.

The reasons why hotels have made such heavy use of bottled water over the years, and why they continue to do so, are clear. In addition to providing customers with a more consistent flavor of water, those water bottles can also be a source of some major revenue for the hotel. However, the disposal of all of that plastic can be bad for the environment. Instead, hotels are urged to look into alternative options, such as commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH.

Water purification for the hospitality industry

Do you run a hotel or other type of business in the hospitality industry? Here are just a few reasons why using a water purification system instead of relying so heavily on bottled water makes sense:

  • Environmental sustainability: The amount of plastic that goes to waste in the United States (and around the world) every year is staggering, and it is destroying the environment. There’s no other way around it. Just as there’s been a recent movement in restaurants to stop the use of plastic drinking straws, there’s also been a movement to abandon the use of plastic water bottles. The waste generated by these bottles can be harmful to animals and wreck ecosystems.
  • Convenience: The convenience of a water purification system cannot be understated. Once installed, the system filters all the water that runs through the entire facility, meaning your customers can drink the water that comes out of the tap without having to worry about unusual tastes or unwanted mineral deposits.
  • Customer savings: While your business does forgo one revenue stream by abandoning the use of plastic water bottles, you do provide some extra savings to your customers, which can reflect well on your business. Rather than having to pay a few dollars a bottle for clean, tasty drinking water, they can get it directly from the tap. They’re already paying you to stay in your hotel, so why not provide them with this amenity that will add to the quality of their stay and encourage them to come back again someday?

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why commercial water purification in Cincinnati, OH makes sense for the hospitality industry. Contact Ultra Pure Water Technologies, LLC today to learn more.

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