Operating and Maintaining a Bacteria-Free Industrial Water Purification System in Cincinnati, OH

August 22, 2018

What does your water purification maintenance plan include? If you have an industrial water purification system in Cincinnati, OH, it is essential that you provide a quality treatment plan. This maintenance for your system should include proper sanitization and disinfection.

What is involved in this process? Use the following guide to sanitize, disinfect and maintain a system that is bacteria-free:

  • Disinfections: Perform regular disinfections of your system to ensure bacteria-free water. Use proper disinfection chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite and peracetic acid. The frequency of these disinfections depends on your system and purification requirements, so consult with a professional to determine your appropriate intervals. In addition to scheduled disinfections, your system should be disinfected any time the system is cut, broken or shut down for longer than two hours.
  • Installations: Pipework installation directly affects the sanitation of your system. Ensure proper installation occurs during initial system setup and during any repairs or modifications. This includes crevice-free joints, zero-dead-space changes in direction, and compatible materials. The best way to make sure installation is top-quality is to partner with professionals for this work.
  • Temperature: If water is not maintained at appropriate temperatures, bacteria can grow. Water should remain at 20 degrees Centigrade or colder. If necessary, install a heat exchanger and chiller to maintain this healthy temperature. A service that specializes in industrial water purification systems in Cincinnati, OH can provide the pumps and other equipment you may need to keep your water temperature at the right level.
  • Equipment: To keep water bacteria-free, you must use quality components. Seals, pumps, valves and materials must be of appropriate quality. Which ones are best? Your local water purification expert can help you determine what equipment is best for your setting and your needs.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is key to creating a bacteria-free system. Your system needs attention to perform optimally and produce quality water. Partnering with a professional service provider is the best way to ensure this happens. With a complete maintenance package in place, your system will receive the inspections, disinfections and sanitizing it needs to keep your water bacteria-free.
  • Filters: Are you familiar with the proper filters for your system? For healthy bacteria control, filters must be the precise type for your system. The size and quality must fit the housing and style of your system. Don’t use guesswork for this important aspect of your water purification system maintenance. If you’re not sure what filters to use or whether or not your filter should be replaced, consult with a water purification company.

At Ultra Pure Water Technologies, we offer the expertise you need to keep your water bacteria-free. We specialize in the sale, design, installation, maintenance and service of industrial water purification systems in Cincinnati, OH. Our complete maintenance plan offers disinfection and sanitizing for optimal purification. Take advantage of our full-service company today. Reach out to us with any questions about your system maintenance or to schedule professional service. We look forward to partnering with you to keep your water pure.

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