Seven Things You Must Never Do with Ozone

March 23, 2019

Are you familiar with ozone? Did you know this powerful gas can act as a strong disinfectant? In fact, ozone disinfection in Cincinnati, OH is a common method used to purify water.

That’s right—the gas that is generated as a result of the interaction between the sun’s UV rays and oxygen is a good source of water purification in Cincinnati, OH. It’s also great for deodorizing.

Still, we must be very careful when using ozone. While it works well to remove odors, oxidize metals and purify drinking water, ozone can also cause damage. Used improperly, ozone can be hazardous. It’s important to be aware of the things you should never do with ozone. Following are the top seven:

  • Allow people to inhale it: Ozone can be used to purify air, but this should never be done when and where people can inhale the ozone. It is a harmful gas when it is inhaled, so only use it for air purification if no one is around to breathe it. Even low amounts of ozone can cause shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain.
  • Expose electronics to it: If you are using ozone, be sure to keep it far from electronic products and electrical outlets. These don’t play well with ozone. The ozone can damage your electronic equipment.
  • Use it to remove iron: Ozone will not be effective against iron. It does not remove this. However, it does alter iron so that it is easier to filter. Just don’t count on ozone to remove it entirely.
  • Use it as a water softener: If you’re looking for water softening alternatives, don’t turn to ozone. This does not remove calcium from the water.
  • Use it on systems that are not corrosion-proof: Copper pipes, galvanized pipes and other plumbing that is not corrosion-proof can be destroyed by ozone. Ozone is highly corrosive, so your system will likely suffer leaks if you expose it to this gas.
  • Purify water and air at the same time: Ozone systems that are designed for water purification in Cincinnati, OH may also work to filter air. However, you should avoid using an ozone generator and the water filter at the same time.
  • Use it without caution: If you are using ozone disinfection in Cincinnati, OH, always confirm what products are safe to use with this method. Certain combinations of chemicals and gases can be hazardous. Check manufacturer labels and warnings before you use any new product.

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